Curriculog at LMU

Curriculog is LMU’s online curriculum management system. This self-contained platform allows the UCCC curriculum management process to take place entirely online, including working on proposals, communication, and decisions. As you will see, Curriculog functions using set processes (adapted from the previous UCCC system) with a dedicated form for each of the attributes and flags.

The user documentation is very good and can be accessed following the directions below. The Registrar's Office works with the Chair of the UCCC in ensuring maintenance and development of the system. Requests for system changes or development should be sent directly to the Chair.

Account or system problems can be addressed by writing to The use of email is preferred and we ask you to document the problem which allows for quicker research and response

Steps to log in and find online help

1. Log into Curriculog ( and choose Login at the right of the screen in the gray bar.

LMU's Curriculog Login Page

2. For assistance in learning the system, follow the link to Curriculog University at the bottom of the page:

Link to Curriculog University

3. Select User Manual on the following page:

Curriculog University User Help

4. There are help topics for each of the steps to create, process, and approve a proposal (highlighted in yellow):

Curriculog End User Manual