Students are held to the degree requirements published in the University Bulletin of their entry term. Any variance from the published requirements must have signed documentation, approved by the University, and processed by the Office of the Registrar.

The University's new degree audit, DegreeWorks, has replaced CAPP except for those currently enrolled students who entered and have a catalog year before 201430 (Fall 2014). All other students use DegreeWorks exclusively and should not reference CAPP as it is no longer maintained.

CAPP - Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning - is the online degree audit system for undergraduate and graduate programs at LMU. Accessed through PROWL, CAPP is the record of progress toward the student's declared academic program(s). CAPP evaluates coursework toward the degree and presumes successful completion of all currently registered courses. It helps students and advisors to monitor progress towards degree completion. It is provided for advisement purposes only. It is NOT an official record.

CAPP is designed to include all of the student's coursework such as:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) or IB (International Baccalaureate) credit
  • Transferred courses taken at other accredited and LMU-approved institutions
  • LMU courses which are graded, in-progress, or registered in for an upcoming semester

How To Use CAPP

All academic requirements for the student’s degree program are listed by Area on CAPP. Area requirements, e.g., Core Curriculum, Core Curriculum New Flags, Major, Concentration, Upper Div Req, are shown as MET or NOT MET. The individual courses/conditions are shows with a Yes/No as to whether it has been met.

  • If an Area is evaluated as MET, the student has completed the requirements for that particular area.
  • If an Area is evaluated as NOT MET, the student must complete the requirements listed under the Area, the most common condition being that a course has not been taken yet.

CAPP Format

CAPP audits the courses according to the groups and will tell you the result of the overall area (Met or Not Met) as well as printing a Yes or No to the individual requirements in each of the areas.

  • The first section is Program Notes, followed by Program Evaluation, followed by University Core

Official Use

The Office of the Registrar uses CAPP to certify students for graduation and all areas in CAPP must show met before the student may graduate. CAPP areas include not only core, major, and minor requirements, but also the required amount of upper division hours and the total number of hours necessary to complete a degree.

Students should review CAPP regularly to make sure that courses are listed in the correct areas. CAPP may be adjusted by the student to allow for course substitutions, waived requirements, or any other variances in the program of study. Students must submit an approved