• In Fall 2017, the University implemented a new degree audit, DegreeWorks, which functions alongside CAPP, the existing degree audit system. Please read below to see which audit you will be using beginning with academic advisement for Spring 2018.

    • Students who have a catalog term of Fall 2014 or later will use the DegreeWorks audit.
    • Students who have a catalog term earlier than Fall 2014 will continue to use CAPP.

    How do I find my catalog term? PROWL>Student Services>Check Your Registration Status. You will find Catalog Term under the Curriculum Information header.

    This is your degree audit moving forward and the University wants to ensure that it accurately reflects the status of your degree program. From this point on, adjustments to your degree audit will take place in DegreeWorks only. Although CAPP will be available to you, CAPP will not show any adjustments after October 1, 2017; therefore, it is not an accurate display of your current degree audit status.

    On the General Comments tab, we invite you to share any general observations or constructive feedback which will help LMU ensure that DegreeWorks addresses the needs of our students.

    On the Student Reporting tab, we ask that students report the differences between CAPP and DegreeWorks. 

  • If the form does not appear in your browser, please use this link

    Please leave us comments to help make DegreeWorks a better audit for our students.

  • If the form does not appear in your browser, please use this link

    If you have a second degree program, please report it on a separate submission.

    The purpose of this form is to report the differences in how requirements are met in CAPP and in DegreeWorks (DW). DW handles the fulfillment of requirements in the most advantageous way for the student. This means that if CAPP required a course adjustment to have course Y fulfill a requirement, DW may not use course Y, but it fulfills the requirement with course Z instead. Keep in mind when reviewing that it is the fulfillment of the requirement that is most important. If CAPP shows a requirement/area as met, then DW must show the same requirement/area as being met - even if it uses different courses.

    Please be specific in reporting the issue, e.g., course X appears under my major requirements in CAPP, but not in DW.

    Please note: The use of this form is to report discrepancies only. If you wish to have an adjustment made in DW (which is not already shown in CAPP), please see your academic advisor and/or Associate Dean's Office to process a new adjustment.