Leave of Absence

I. Leave of Absence 

Complete the Leave form below.

A Leave of Absence (Leave) may be granted to a student who applies for a temporary break from studies for up to two years or four semesters. A student on a processed Leave retains their admitted status; however, they do not have the rights and privileges of registered students as they are currently not attending classes. A student on a Leave may complete LMU course work for which the grade of Incomplete was submitted in the prior term and must comply with the policies, including all deadlines, concerning a grade of Incomplete.

Current students who are uncertain whether or not to take a Leave from the University are strongly urged to contact their advisor and/or Academic Dean's Office. Graduate students should contact their Program Director.

A student taking a Leave for treatment of a physical or mental health condition which impairs a student’s ability to function safely and successfully as a member of our community is highly encouraged to contact the Student Affairs Dean’s Office to talk to a Community of Care (COC) Case Manager to discuss the reasons for the Leave. Malone Student Center 301 - (310) 338-3756.

A student may take a Leave from the University on or before the last day to withdraw from a term. A Leave in the current term cannot be processed if this deadline has passed. In this case, you should complete your courses and you will receive final grades in each. Your Leave will be processed after final grades have been posted, and take effect in the subsequent term.


  1. Drop all courses in PROWL in the current and any future terms which have registrations.
  2. Consult with the Dean’s Office, Financial Aid, Student Financial Services, and Student Housing (for residential students).
    1. Contact the Student Accounts Office to review your account and update any outstanding balances. Refunds are available based upon the University's for the term.
    2. If you are a resident student, consult the.
  3. Other considerations: turn in library books, athletic equipment, film and television equipment, and any other items which belong to LMU.
  4. An international student must consult with the Office of International Students and Scholars to ensure that visa requirements will be satisfied.
  5. The extension of University-sponsored student health insurance may be available during a leave of absence. Consult for more information.

II. Exception to University Policy: Request for a Late Medical Leave of Absence (use this - do not complete form below)

After the last day to withdraw in the semester, but before the final day of classes, students may request to withdraw from courses for medical or psychological reasons only. Students who wish to take a Leave after the deadline must follow the Late Medical Leave of Absence procedure.

III. Exception to University Policy: Late Leave of Absence
Complete the Leave form below.

Non-medical emergency requests may be considered in cases of military deployment, natural disasters, etc. Use the Exception to University Policy form‌ to request the exception; please be concise on the form but include the pertinent facts as well as the documentation to support the request. Attach the exception form to the form below. Students granted a late LOA after the deadline are not eligible for tuition refund.