Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2022 Exam Schedule

Final Examinations are 2 hours in duration and are administered during the last week of the semester (Finals Week) in the regular classroom according to the schedule below.

For courses that meet during non-standard hours and are not listed in the final exam schedule: Students should refer to the course syllabus. Faculty with questions should contact the Office of Registrar.

The dates referenced in the timetable below are from Monday, May 2 to Friday, May 6, 2022.

Class Start Time Class Days Exam Start Time Exam Day
8:00 AM Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:00 AM Monday
8:00 AM Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 AM Tuesday
9:10 AM Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:00 AM Wednesday
9:40 AM Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 AM Thursday
10:20 AM Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:00 AM Friday
11:20 AM Tuesday-Thursday 11:00 AM Tuesday
11:30 AM Monday-Wednesday-Friday 11:00 AM Monday
12:40 PM Monday-Wednesday-Friday OR Monday-Wednesday 11:00 AM Wednesday
1:00 PM Tuesday-Thursday 11:00 AM Thursday
1:50 PM Monday-Wednesday-Friday 2:00 PM Thursday
2:20 PM Monday-Wednesday 2:00 PM Monday
2:40 PM Tuesday-Thursday 2:00 PM Tuesday
3:00 PM Monday-Wednesday-Friday 2:00 PM Wednesday
after 4:00 PM   regular course  time regular course day


Summer Sessions

Final Exams are included within the six-week sessions.