Fall and Spring Semesters

Final Examinations are 2 hours in duration and are administered during the last week of the semester (Finals Week) in the regular classroom according to the schedule below.

  • If your class does not follow one of the standard meeting patterns identified below, please contact your instructor to confirm day and time of exam.
  • If your class begin at or after 4:00 pm and meets more than one day per week, please contact your instructor to confirm day and time of exam.

The dates of final examinations are printed in the Academic Calendars.

Class Start Time Class Days Exam Start Time Exam Day
08:00 am Monday-Wednesday-Friday OR Monday-Wednesday 08:00 am Monday
08:00 am Tuesday-Thursday 08:00 am Tuesday
09:10 am Monday-Wednesday-Friday 08:00 am Wednesday
09:40 am Monday-Wednesday 08:00 am Wednesday
09:40 am Tuesday-Thursday 08:00 am Thursday
10:20 am Monday-Wednesday-Friday
08:00 am Friday
11:20 am Tuesday-Thursday 11:00 am Tuesday
11:30 am Monday-Wednesday-Friday 11:00 am Monday
12:40 pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday OR Monday-Wednesday 11:00 am Wednesday
01:00 pm Tuesday-Thursday 11:00 am Thursday
01:50 pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday 02:00 pm Thursday
02:20 pm Monday-Wednesday 02:00 pm Monday
02:40 pm Tuesday-Thursday 02:00 pm Tuesday
03:00 pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday 02:00 pm Wednesday
after 04:00 pm regular course time regular course day

Summer Sessions

Final Exams are included within the six-week sessions.