Registration Messages

The student may see a message on PROWL after submitting a CRN during the registration process. Registration in the class will be prevented. The student may be able to gain approval to override these restrictions. These are registration messages with possible solutions for the student.

If you enter a CRN and the NR (Not available for Registration) message is displayed, ensure that you have chosen the correct term for registration. The message means that you have searched for a course in a term not yet available for registration, i.e., a future term for which there is no advance registration.

  • Class Restriction - The number of semester hours required for the class has not been completed. (PROWL counts in-progress hours as completed for this restriction.)
  • Closed Section - Enrollment for the class has reached a limit determined by the department. The student should choose another section of the course or may contact the course department for an override.
  • College Restriction - The student’s major is not within the college or school required for the class. The student may contact the course department for an override.
  • Major Restriction - The student’s major is not one of those allowed for the class. The student may contact the course department for an override.
  • Maximum Hours Exceeded - Total semester hours exceed the amount allowed for the student. Undergraduates are restricted to 17 hours until shortly before the beginning of the semester when limits are raised to 18 or more hours. Graduate students may take no more than 15 hours per semester. Summer students are restricted to 6 hours per session.
  • Pre-req and Test Score Error - The student has not completed the required prerequisite or received the required score on a Placement Examination. The course must be completed and graded in a previous term for this restriction to be satisfied. The course department may allow an override to this restriction if the prerequisite is in-progress.
  • Time Conflict - The meeting time of the class conflicts with another class, or one class starts exactly at the same time as another ends. (10 minutes is required between classes.) Allowed time conflicts must be approved by the instructors and the deans of both courses. An approved General Petition must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar so that the student can be registered in both courses. The student should register in one of the courses prior to the submission of the form.

Students are not permitted to register in more than one section of the same course. Multiple listings of courses with the same title are removed from a student’s schedule.