Are you ready to graduate - to earn your LMU degree?

To start the graduation process, you must inform the University of your intent to graduate in a specific term by submitting an online application for degree. Apply for the term in which you will complete all requirements of your degree program. You are strongly encouraged to file your graduation application by the application deadline; this will allow the university to process your application in a timely manner and will ensure you are included in commencement activities including award selection.

Application Deadlines

Degree Conferral Term
Filing Dates
December 2022 October 7, 2022
May 2023 November 14, 2022
August 2023 April 3, 2023
  • No, and it is important to understand how they differ.

    Graduation from LMU means that you have completed all your graduation requirements and the Registrar's Office has posted the degree to your academic transcript. This is the official statement of the University that you have graduated.

    Commencement is the annual ceremony in which students' graduation is recognized, but is not in itself the official degree conferral. Students must apply for a degree to be invited to participate in Commencement.

    You are eligible to participate in Commencement 2022 if you have applied for your degree and meet one of the following criteria:

    • Already awarded a degree in August or December 2021
    • Bachelor’s or Master's candidates with intent to graduate in May 2022
    • Bachelor's candidates with no more than 30 semester hours remaining who plan to complete all degree requirements by the August or December 2022 semester without a unit overload in any of the remaining terms
    • Master’s candidates with no more than six semester hours to complete by August or December 2022
    • Doctoral candidates with approval from the Doctoral Program

    How do I know if I am ready to participate? You qualify to participate if yu meet all of the following:

    • You applied for your degree and your application was accepted
    • You meet one of the above criteria
    • You have picked up your name card issued by the Registrar's Office. You may have picked this up at the After LMU Event or directly from the Registrar's Office.

    When these conditions are met, you are ready to participate in Commencement. No other confirmation of participation is necessary.

    Participation in the commencement ceremonies does not imply that you have graduated or will graduate with an LMU degree - even if you walk across the stage and shake hands with the President. You must meet degree requirements as indicated for your respective program to earn an LMU degree. You will have officially graduated from LMU when the Office of the Registrar posts a degree to your transcript.


  • Consider these items before submitting your application to graduate.

    Your degree audit (DegreeWorks) MUST show all requirements as MET or in progress after you register for your final semester. If you do not see a green checkmark or a tilde [~] in the checkbox next to a degree requirement when you apply, you will not graduate. It is your sole responsibility as a student to ensure your audit shows all requirements met before you will graduate.

    • Questions about your degree audit or requirements? See your faculty advisor/program director.
    • Unmet requirements which need an adjustment? Meet with your faculty advisor/program director to submit a degree adjustment.
    • Do you see something you think should already be corrected? Contact your college's Academic Records Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar.

    Apply to graduate in the term in which all degree requirements will be met. If you have a minor or second major, you must complete these before or in the same term as your major.

    Please review your audit to confirm that degree and program requirements are met. Consult with your academic advisor or Associate Dean’s Office to address any outstanding requirements before registering for the graduation term and the ARC for your college/school in the Office of the Registrar.

    Courses or requirements not met should alert you that you may not qualify to graduate. It is your responsibility to read, understand, comply with the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements printed in the LMU Bulletin, and to take action to address all outstanding issues before the degree-granting date. No one else may do this for you.

    You may submit an Application for Degree if your audit shows unmet requirements. In cases where the audit report is not met, consider the following:

    • Are you able to register for your remaining courses in your final term at LMU?
    • Are you substituting one course for another to fulfill a requirement?
    • Is the requirement to be fulfilled by transfer work from another school?
    • Are there any grades of Incomplete on your record?
      • You may NOT graduate with an Incomplete in a degree-required course. 
    • Do you have a second major and/or any minor which is not complete?


  • If the form does not appear in your browser, please use this link

    Students inform LMU of their intent to graduate by submitting an application for a degree; the University does not submit applications for students or automatically assume seniors' intent to graduate. All applicants file for a degree in the term in which they qualify to graduate.

    Want a refresher on the process at LMU?

    After submission of the application, you will receive an email with the data you entered. Please allow ten business days for processing and then confirm the degree status in PROWL: Student Services > Student Records > View Degree Information.

    Do you need to make a change to the information on an application you have already submitted?

    Submit a new application with the changed information and make a note of it in the comment box so we can make the change for you.

    You may view both the diploma address and the order date on PROWL: Student Services > Student Records > View Degree Information.


  • When your application has been processed, you will see a PN (Pending) or MR (Missing Requirements) code in PROWL: Student Services > Student Records > View Degree Information.

    When the Registrar's Office processes your application, it checks the degree audit to ascertain whether all requirements are:

    • MET - you will receive a PN code in PROWL (presuming successful completion of In-Progress courses)
      • If you receive a PN code, it will remain PN until the final evaluation of your audit after final grades have been processed for the completion semester. The code remains PN even if you make changes to your record which causes the audit to now show missing requirements.
    • UNMET - you will receive an MR code in PROWL.
      • If you receive an MR code, it will remain MR until you address the unmet requirements with your advisor and Associate Dean's Office. If you have successfully met the requirements, the Associate Dean's Office will inform the Registrar's Office to update the code to PN. If you do not address or are unable to complete the unmet requirements prior to the degree date, your code will remain MR until the final evaluation of your audit after final grades for the completion semester have been posted.

    The PN or MR code remains on your record until final grades have been processed. 

  • You have two options on how your name will appear on the diploma.

    • You may have the name as it prints from Banner on your diploma - your legal name used when you applied.
      • If you have changed your name, either through marriage or other accomodation, you must send a copy of the court order declaring the change. 
    • You may change your chosen first name, but you cannot make changes to your last. Please visit the Chosen Name website for more information about chosen names. 

    Change or update your diploma address.

    If you need to change your diploma address, submit a new Application for Degree with the appropriate option checked or email prior to the order date.

    You may view both the diploma address and the order date on PROWL: (Student Services > Student Records > View Degree Information).

  • Awarding of Degree

    After the final review of your degree audit takes place, your degree will be awarded (AW) if all requirements for the degree are met. Your degree will be canceled if you have not completed all degree requirements. In this case, you must submit a new application for degree for the term in which all requirements show as met. If you have questions concerning the degree cancelation, please consult your Associate Dean's Office.

    LMU has three degree dates throughout the year. The award dates are the dates of final exams. Each degree audit is reconfirmed by personnel in the Registrar's Office and your Dean's Office, and the posting of your degree will occur in the weeks following the degree date when the process is complete. 


    Diplomas are mailed to the address you provided on the application approximately three to four weeks after the degree has posted.

    If you have a Controller's Hold (Student Services > Registration > View Holds), your diploma will be available after the hold is released by Student Financial Services. Please inform the Office of the Registrar of the hold removal with this form.

    Duplicate diplomas may be ordered by completing this form.

    Cancellation of Degree

    If your degree was canceled (CN), you should review your degree audit and consult with your advisor or associate dean's office, or graduate program director. 

    Reapply for Degree

    If your degree was canceled, you must reapply for the degree in the term in which you will finish all degree requirements.

    If you have questions concerning missing requirements, contact your faculty advisor/program director.