Degree Awarding and Cancellation

Awarding of Degree

Please note that the posting of degrees may take up to 30 business days after the awarding date.

If you applied for a degree by the deadline and your degree audit shows degree requirements as met (including in progress work), you are a candidate for degree posting. After conferral with the Deans' Offices, the degree is conferred and posted to the transcript.

Reapplying for Degree

If your degree audit shows the Overall Degree Requirements are NOT MET, you will not graduate. You will need to submit another degree application for the term in which you will finish all requirements so your degree audit shows as MET. Your degree date will be the one in the term when degree requirements are met. Degree dates are not backdated.

If you are using transfer work to complete degree requirements, the Office of the Registrar must have received the signed Transfer Course Approval(s) and official transcript(s) from the institution(s) within 30 working days of the end of the degree date. Items received after that date will not be applicable to the graduation term and will cause the application to be cancelled.


You do not receive your diploma during the Commencement ceremony; rather, diplomas are mailed approximately two to three weeks after the degree completion date to the address you provided on the application.

If you have a Controller's Hold (Student Services > Registration > View Holds), your diploma will be available after the hold is released by Student Financial Services. Please inform the Office of the Registrar of the hold removal via the online form, Release Diploma after Account Hold.

Duplicate diplomas may be ordered by completing the online form to Request Diploma Re-Issue.

Cancellation of Degree

The following items on your record will result in cancellation of degree:

  • You must complete the minimum number of units required for your degree program. Your unit total is not rounded-up - even a fraction of a unit short of the required minimum will result in degree cancellation.
  • The GPA does not fulfill stated minimum requirements. Specifically, Undergraduates cannot graduate with a cumulative GPA or a major GPA below 2.0. Master’s and Doctoral candidates cannot graduate with a cumulative GPA below 3.0.
  • All degree requirements are not met. This includes fieldwork, examinations, etc., that are completed after coursework is finished.
  • A second major and/or minor(s) is unfinished.
  • All required coursework is not completed and/or outstanding paperwork is not submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the term for which the degree is pending, including an Application for Degree for each degree being earned.
  • You receive an Incomplete grade in a course required for the degree.
  • Should it be necessary to take courses elsewhere before degree work is completed, a Transfer Course Approval may be completed IF the semester and course end of the transferring institution is prior to the LMU graduation date. For example, if you take a course at a community college where the spring semester ends AFTER LMU's spring semester graduation date, you are ineligible for the spring degree and the degree application will be canceled. LMU does not allow concurrent enrollment for the purpose of transferring degree credit.

If you have questions concerning missing requirements, you may contact your Academic Records Coordinator in Office of the Registrar and/or your Associate Dean's Office.