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Remember, just because you participated in commencement does not mean you have earned your degree from the university. Commencement is a celebration; the degree is the result of completing all academic and graduation requirements.

What happens next?

The Office of the Registrar reviews each student's audit to ensure completion of degree requirements. When successfully met, the OTR will post your degree to your transcript. The degree on your transcript is the only official acknowledgement that you have earned your degree. Reviewing almost 2,000 audits takes time - up to a month even. LMU understands how important the degree posting is for students and takes its responsibility seriously and reviews them expeditiously. To be fair to all graduates, we do not accept requests for expedited degree posting. 

How can I tell if my degree has been posted to my transcript?

PROWL's View Degree Status will show the current status of your degree program. When the final review of your degree has been completed, the status of your program will be Awarded (AW) or Canceled (CN). If you see Awarded (AW), you may order transcripts that will show the degree on them. If you see Canceled (CN), you should consult your associate dean's office for the next steps. If you do not see AW, do not order transcripts until you do. Any other status means that the degree has not/will not be posted to your transcript.

What do I do if my degree is not AW or CN yet?

If you check your status in PROWL and you see MR, you should take action to address the missing requirements. Review your audit and look for the unmet requirements. Understand what they mean and contact your associate dean's office for help. Need to drop a minor or second major that is unmet? Submit a change of program form through the OTR portal.

The Office of the Registrar cannot offer academic advice or recommend your next actions other than to speak with your associate dean's office.


When do I receive my diploma?

After your degree has been posted to your transcript, a diploma order is sent every week to our printing company. The diploma leaves the plant within 15 business days of receipt of the order and is sent via USPS to the address used on your degree application. This means that you should expect your diploma about four weeks after ordering. Again, to be fair to all students, LMU cannot accept requests for expedited diploma ordering or reception, nor does the printing company.

To which address will it be shipped?

The diploma company ships only via First-Class USPS, regardless of the address you used in your application. Currently, it cannot ship through its normal processing to international addresses. If you have used an international address, there are one of two things you can do.

Option 1. Send an email to asking to use a domestic address for shipping. If you have family or a trusted friend who can forward the diploma to you, then make that arrangement and use that person's address.

Option 2. This service, Reissue of Diploma or Certificate, will allow you to request a diploma to be sent to an international address. As LMU works with its vendor to find a solution, this is currently the only option available. Unfortunately, this is a diploma re-order system and it charges a replacement fee of $25 which is beyond the control of LMU so no refund is available. The services does allow for expedited sending of diplomas to international addresses at an extra charge.

Certified Electronic Diploma

What is a Certified Electronic Credential? A CeDiploma or CeCertificate is an official, highly secure electronic copy of your LMU diploma or certificate that may be downloaded and shared for a lifetime.

When LMU places an order for diplomas and certificates, it includes the option for the purchase of an electronic copy of your diploma or certificate. When your diploma has been printed, and prior to its sending, the e-credential is produced. You will receive an email with a link to download your credential when it is available from CeCredential Trust. You are under no obligation to order the e-credential, but if you wish to do so, there is a $10.95 charge. Note that e-credentials are available for those who graduated in or after the Fall 2019 term. More info.


If you want to send a transcript that shows your degree posted, you must be first look at PROWL to see if it shows AW - Degree Awarded. If it does, then your transcript will show the degree and degree date. If you do not see AW, the degree will NOT SHOW on your transcript. Make sure you know the status of your degree before ordering a transcript. If you order too early and no degree is posted, you will need to re-order at your own expense. Order here.