Graduation Process

You must inform LMU of your intent to graduate in one of the three degree-granting months: May, August, or December.

  • Apply for your degree in the term in which you will graduate - when you actually complete ALL academic and graduation requirements for your degree.
  • Review your degree audit in the semester prior to graduation and in the term of graduation after your have registered in classes. If you degree audit shows that you have MET or have degree requirements in a pending state (waiting for final grades), you would expect to graduate at the end of the semester, presuming you successfully complete your last courses.
  • If your degree audit dows items in NOT MET status, consult your academic advisor immediately. Do not wait or you may not have time to address the unmet requirements. This is your academic program - take responsibility for it and do not rely upon others.
  • Continue to the online Application for Degree.