Graduation Process

Applying for Degree & the Degree Audit Report

You must apply for the term in which all degree requirements will be met; this includes a second major and/or any minors.

  • If you have majors in two different Colleges or Schools, the degree earned corresponds to the primary major, e.g., a student whose first major is English and second major is Chemistry will get a Bachelor of Arts degree, and you will submit just one application for degree and receive one diploma which will mention both majors (concentrations and minors do not appear on the diploma).
  • If you complete more than one degree, you will submit an application for each degree and receive a diploma for each degree.

Please review your audit report to confirm that degree and program requirements are met. Consult with your academic advisor or Dean’s Office to address any outstanding requirements before registering in the graduation term and/or the Academic Records Coordinator for your college or school in the Office of the Registrar.

Items in NOT MET status should alert you that you may not qualify to graduate and/or walk in Commencement. It is your responsibility to read, understand, and comply with the degree requirements printed in the LMU Bulletin (Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Requirements) and to take action to address all outstanding issues before the degree-granting date.

You may submit an Application for Degree if your audit shows unmet requirements. In cases when the audit report is not met, consider the following and supply documentation, if necessary:

  • Is your registration finalized?
    • Be aware that after the first week of classes, late registration may not be approved.
  • Did substituting one course for another fulfill the requirement?
    • A Petition for Degree Audit Adjustment must be approved by the Dean’s Office and submitted to the Office of the Registrar before the end of the degree term.
  • Is the requirement to be fulfilled by transfer work from another school?
    • Send the official transcript(s) from that school and Transfer Course Approval to the Office of the Registrar. Refer to Student Services > Student Records > Transfer Information on PROWL to confirm that all transfer work is entered. Please note: Any work taken elsewhere for Spring 2018 must be completed prior to the end of the LMU Spring semester in order to qualify for graduation and participation in Commencement. LMU does not allow enrollment at LMU and another school in the same term if the courses are to be used for degree credit.
  • Are there any grades of Incomplete on your record?
    • You may not graduate with an Incomplete in a degree-required course. If the instructor submits an Incomplete grade on the submitted final grade sheet, the student's application is canceled.
  • Do you have a second major and/or any minor which is not complete?
    • If you are no longer actively pursuing a declared second major and/or minor, it is important that you drop it by submitting a Change of Program before you submit the Application for Degree and no later than the end of the degree term. Remember that a “What-if Analysis” is necessary to check the progress of a second major that is in a different College or School than the primary major.

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