Reissue of Diploma or Certificate

In the event that a diploma or certificate is lost, stolen, damaged, or a duplicate copy is necessary, a request for a replacement may be sent through our ordering process by selecting the Diploma replacement option. The cost for a replacement diploma is $25.00, and the process may take up to four weeks from the time it is ordered. Expedited service is available at an additional cost. The new diploma will bear the current names of the officials in office at the time the replacement diploma is produced.

The following information will be required in your request:

  1. Full Name while in attendance at the university
  2. 9-Digit LMU ID number (if applicable)
  3. Dates of attendance
  4. Date of birth
  5. Major/degree for which you are requesting a replacement diploma
  6. Mailing address to which the replacement diploma should be sent

Inquiries regarding records prior to 1988 will require additional time for research, as these records are maintained on another platform.

For more information or to check the status of your request, please email us.