Order an Official Academic Transcript

Electronic PDF and mailed transcripts are processed through Parchment, the official LMU transcript agent.

  • Current students may order an official paper or electronic PDF academic transcript through PROWL.
  • Alumni and noncurrent students order through Parchment directly - see the Guide to Ordering.
  • Transcript recipients able to receive an electronic PDF transcript are sent instructions on how to access it through a secure site. Once accessed, the recipient has 24 hours to save the transcript file.
  • Students who require an application attachment, e.g., AACOMAS, PharmCAS, SOPHAS, etc., must upload the attachment with their PROWL or Parchment order. The student CAS application ID is required.
  • An electronic PDF transcript sent to AMCAS or LSAC does not require an attachment. The student LSAC or AMCAS ID is required.
  • Loyola Law Students must order transcripts through the LLS website.

When ordering transcripts, please remember the following guidelines.

  • Transcript orders placed will be transacted immediately. There is no "hold until" option.
  • Transcripts include coursework completed at LMU only.
  • LMU does not release transcripts from other educational institutions.
  • LMU does not process transcripts by phone or email requests due to student confidentiality requirements.
  • Transcripts will not be faxed to the recipient.
  • LMU is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail when sending transcripts by USPS.
  • LMU does not issue unofficial transcripts.


When filling out the order form, ensure that the information you submit is correct.

If you attended LMU under a different name from what you have now, you must submit a copy of a court order or marriage certificate declaring the name change. 

Use full names wherever possible. Patty B. Smith is not the same as Patricia B. Smith. If your order name does not match the name on the transcript, the order will be delayed until correct ownership of the record can be proved.

If you have multiple careers (UG, GR, DR, EXT), you have multiple transcript types. Order one transcript type per request. If you check the wrong career, or more than one, your order will be canceled. You will receive an email informing you to submit a new order.

Please double check your information before you submit.

Need help ordering?

Once an order has been placed with Parchment, LMU cannot help you. All questions must be directed to Parchment using their contact form. FAQs and Information can be found on this page by choosing the Help Articles drop-down.

Parchment offers the following online references and videos

What can delay an order?

  • You must sign the online authorization form. Parchment cannot process your order without it.
  • If you have a financial hold on your record, an email will inform you of the hold and to contact Student Accounts at 310-338-2711 or to resolve this issue.
  • Your personal information you entered for the transcript order does not match exactly the data on your student record. These will include:
    • Your name (if different from the one under which you attended)
    • Student ID (if given)
    • DOB

If these fields do not match what is on your student record, your order will be sent to LMU for data reconciliation which will lengthen the fulfillment time. Verified data will be returned to Parchment and your order fulfilled.

  Charges are per transcript sent
eTranscript (Electronic PDF) $2.40
Paper Transcript (Mailed - Standard USPS) $4.70
Paper Transcript (Mailed - USPS International) $7.65
Paper Transcript (FedEx Overnight Domestic) $32.40
Paper Transcript (FedEx International Priority) $57.40