2027 Spring

First Week of a Term

Through Friday of the first week at 11:59 pm, a student may:

    • Register for the first time; add a course; drop a course; take a leave of absence (LOA) or withdraw from the university without resulting grades of W.
    • New students wanting a LOA or to withdraw should contact the Undergraduate or Graduate Admission offices.
    • Continuing students should use the forms available in the Registrar Services Portal - RSP

Second Week of a Term through Last Day to Withdraw

    • A student may withdraw from a course(s)/all courses from their schedule with a resulting grade of W in each course through the deadline to withdraw as printed in the calendars. A student may not withdraw from a course(s) after the deadline.
    • If a student stops attending a course after the last day to withdraw in the semester, they will receive a grade of F or the assigned grade from the instructor.

2027 Spring - January 11 to May 12, 2027

M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday

Date Event
Jan 6 (W)  Wait Lists deactivated. Registration available to all students.
Jan 11 (M) Instruction begins 
Jan 15 (F) Last day to add a class or drop a class without a grade of W
Withdrawal deadline for 100% tuition refund*
Jan 18 (M) Martin Luther King, Jr., Day - no classes
Feb 5 (F) Last day for undergraduates to finish coursework for Fall grades of Incomplete
Feb 19 (F) Last day for instructors to submit Fall grades for undergraduates with Incompletes
Mar 1 (M) - Mar 5 (F) Spring Break Holidays - no classes
Mar 24 (W) to Mar 26 (F) Easter Holidays - no classes
Mar 31 (W) Cesar Chavez Day - no classes
Apr 16 (F) Last day to withdraw from classes and receive a grade of W
Last day to apply for Credit/No Credit grading
May 4 (T) Instruction ends
May 5 (W) Reading Day - no classes
May 6 (R) - May 12 (W)  Final Examinations
May 12 (W) Last day to file an application for May 2027 degree 
May 13 (R) - May 14 (F) Graduation Events 
May 15 (S) Commencement Day 1
May 16 (U) Commencement Day 2
May 17 (M) Last day for instructors to submit final grades

* Consult the refund/cancellation schedule for the academic category corresponding to your enrollment status. Fees are non-refundable after the 100% withdrawal refund period.

Students withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from the University during a percentage period may also have any financial aid they have received for that particular semester adjusted in accordance with Federal guidelines. For information regarding adjustments to financial aid, please see the Financial Aid Office Leave of Absence & Withdrawal Policy.