Common App

Common App & Transfer School Reports

Whether you submit a PDF from the Common App or a transfer form from another institution, please read the following submission guidelines.

Take the following steps when you have completed the form with the student-required information, including signature:

  • Save it to a local drive as a PDF.
  • You may use any PDF document creator you wish, but LMU uses Adobe Acrobat for processing and the data must be viewable in Acrobat Reader - a free download. Make sure you see your data in the form in Acrobat Reader.
    • If you do, then the PDF is ready for submission.
    • If you do not, then you must complete and save the form again until you see data in Reader.
    • A form with no information cannot be processed.
    • It is not recommended to use Mac Preview to edit and save the PDF. 

Types of forms and where to send

It is important to know which form to send to an office. Misdirected forms will cause a delay in processing and will be returned to you for appropriate handling.

Common App Transfer Report or similar from another institution:

  • Complete the form below and attach the document(s).

If you receive a separate Common App Dean's Report or similar from another institution which seeks information on student conduct:

  • Email those forms directly to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Responsibility at That office will complete the form and email it to the address (required) you give. Do not use the form below.

If you receive a separate Mid-term Grades Report:

  • The Office of the Registrar does not process these forms. It is the student's reponsibility to obtain the information from the course instructors and send it separately. Do not use the form below.

You must request your own LMU transcript and send it separately.

Do not send other documents to be attached; these will not be included.

NOTE: Due to the volume and deadlines involved with these reports, allow a minimum of 15 business days for processing.