Placement Exams

Placement Exams for Entering First-year and Transfer Students

Online placement exams are available in Math and Modern Languages (Chinese/Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Spanish). The purpose of these exams is to allow us to place you in the proper level of coursework at LMU. 

If you are an incoming first-year student and have any questions about your registration process, including placement exams, please email

  • First-year students complete the appropriate placement tests prior to their advising appointment; transfer students may take the exam after consulting with their advisor or Dean's Office.
  • First-year students will receive their test scores at their advising appointment; transfer students should contact their advisor.
  • It is up to the advisor to identify the appropriate course based on the student’s major, placement exam results, and the specific math requirement for that major.
  • These tests are taken on the honor system, and they are timed. Using notes, textbooks, a calculator (on the Math test) or assistance from friends or parents may result in serious academic difficulty when the student is placed in a course beyond the appropriate level.
  • Students may not take an exam more than once.

 Accessing the Placement Exams

  1. Log in to MYLMU
  2. Click System Logins > Brightspace
  3. Open the "LMU New Student Placement Exams" course
  4. On the left side, click the link “Placement Exams”
  5. Choose Math or Modern Languages and follow the directions