Transcript orders are processed through Parchment, the official LMU transcript agent. Students create an account which gives them life-long access to their transcripts, both digital and printed.

Note: An LMU ID number is not required to create your account and/or order transcripts. If you do not know the exact number, put n/a in the student number field.

Already have an account? Login.

Create your account. It is recommended to use your personal email in the account creation. Your Lion email account will be disabled after you leave the university and you will not be able to access that Parchment account. 

A note on ordering: if the information you give matches your LMU record, the processing begins immediately.

  • Use full names wherever possible. Patty B. Smith is not the same as Patricia B. Smith. 
  • If you attended LMU under a different name from your current, submit a copy of a court order or marriage certificate declaring the name change. 
  • If your name, DOB, LMU ID, and transcript type do not match your LMU record, the order will be processed manually until ownership of the record can be proved, resulting in a delay.

A note about transcript types. If you took courses as an:

  • Undergraduate: your transcript type is undergraduate - UG
  • Graduate: your transcript type is graduate - GR
  • Doctoral student: your transcript type is doctoral - DR
  • LMU Extension student, your transcript type is extension - EXT
  • You may have more than one transcript type at LMU, but you may request only one transcript type per order.

International delivery options are available.

Need assistance? Contact Parchment Support only. LMU cannot help you with an order placed through Parchment.

How do the digital transcripts work?

Transcript recipients able to receive a digital PDF transcript are sent instructions on how to access it through a secure site. Once accessed, the recipient has 24 hours to save the transcript file. Upon request, transcripts that were delivered electronically can be resent to the same destination at no additional charge, within 30 days of the initial request being sent. Print and Mail Credentials are eligible to be resent 10 days after the initial ship date but within 30 days. Outside of the stated resend window, a new request will be required. If the original sender, destination, or delivery method needs to be changed in any way, a new order is required. No changes can be made to sender, delivery method, or destination on an existing order under any circumstances.

Although LMU does not charge for a transcript, a CC will be required for payment of the $3.15 Parchment transaction fee.