Authorization to Release Student Records

Student grants access to a third-party access to parts of the student record, as designated by the student in the written FERPA release. Paper authorization requires a form to be completed and signed by the student and sent directly to the Office of the Registrar via your Lion email.  Note that access is not granted immediately as the form must be processed manually.

Read these guidelines before submitting the form.

The form you submit must be the link below; older forms will not be accepted. If you choose to submit the form:

  1. There can be no mistakes, cross-out or white-out on the form. If you make a mistake, start with a new form.
  2. The form you submit must be completed fully and exactly as the form indicates; it CANNOT contain an error or improvisation.
  3. Each start-date and end-date field must be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY. You may not backdate access; the both dates must be today or a future date.
  4. If you are not granting access to other parts of your record, do not fill out either the start- or end-date.
  5. The detailed purpose or need for this information must be completed. Examples are:
    • Insufficient: I want my parent to discuss my record.
    • Sufficient: I want my parent to participate in the course selections when I meet with my advisor.
  6. You may restrict or remove access at any point by submitting a new form with a current or future end-date

Authorization to Release Student Records     (FERPA Release Example)