2019 Fall

M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday

Aug 26 M Classes begin
Aug 30 F Last day to file an application for a December degree
Last day to add or drop a class without a grade of W
Sep 2 M University Holiday - Labor Day
Sep 13 F Last day for undergraduates to finish coursework for Spring/Summer grades of Incomplete
Sep 24 T Census Day
Sep 27 F Last day for instructors to submit Spring/Summer grades for undergraduates with Incompletes
Oct 10 R Last day to submit mid-term deficiency grades
Oct 11 F No Classes - Autumn Day
Nov 1 F Last day to withdraw from classes or apply for Credit/No Credit grading
Nov 27-29 W-F No Classes - Thanksgiving Holidays
Dec 6 F Last day of Classes
Dec 7-8 S-U Reading Days
Dec 9-13 M-F Final Examinations
Dec 18 W Last day for instructors to submit final grades