2020 Spring

2020 Spring - January 13 - May 8, 2020

M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday

Jan 13 (M) Classes begin
Jan 17 (F) Last day to file an application for May degree
Last day to add or drop a class without a grade of W
Jan 20 (M) No Classes - Martin Luther King, Jr., Day
Jan 31 (F) Last day for undergraduates to finish coursework for Fall grades of Incomplete
Feb 11 (T) Census Day
Feb 14 (F) Last day for instructors to submit Fall grades for undergraduates with Incompletes
Feb 28 (F) Last day to submit mid-term deficiency grades
Mar 9 (M) - 20 (F) No Classes
Mar 23 (M) Online instruction begins
Mar 31 (T) No Classes - Cesar Chavez Day
Apr 3 (F) Fall registration begins
Apr 8 (W) - 10 (F) No Classes - Easter Holidays
May 1 (F) Last day of Classes
May 2 (S) - 3 (U) Reading Days
May 4 (M) - 8 (F) Final Examinations
May 9 (S) Undergraduate Commencement
May 10 (U) Graduate Commencement
May 11 (M) Last day to withdraw from classes or apply for Credit/No Credit grading
May 13 (W) Last day for instructors to submit final grades