Final Grades and Degrees

Final Grades

Final grades for a term are due in the Registrar's Office on the third business day following final exam week. Grade PDF emails will be sent to students on the fourth day, and continue until all grades have been posted.

Students who receive a grade of NR in a course (the instructor did not yet submit a final grade) should address this directly with the instructor; the Registrar's Office has no information on why a grade was not submitted. Once the grade is assigned, the student will receive a subsequent PDF email. The student's GPA will be recalculated once an assigned grade has been submitted.

Awarding of Degree

After the final review of your degree audit takes place, your degree will be awarded (AW) if all requirements for the degree are met. Your degree will be canceled if you have not completed all degree requirements. In this case, you must submit a new application for degree for the term in which all requirements show as met. If you have questions concerning the degree cancelation, please consult your Associate Dean's Office.

LMU has three degree dates throughout the year. The award dates are the dates of final exams. Each degree audit is reconfirmed by personnel in the Office of the Registrar and your Dean's Office, and the posting of your degree will occur in the weeks following the degree date when the process is complete. 

How can I tell if my degree has been posted to my transcript?

PROWL's "View Degree Status" will show the current status of your degree program. When the final review of your degree has been completed, the status of your program will be Awarded (AW) or Canceled (CN). If you see Awarded (AW), you may order transcripts that will show the degree on them. If you see Canceled (CN), you should consult your associate dean's office for the next steps. If you do not see AW, do not order transcripts until you do. Any other status means that the degree has not/will not be posted to your transcript.

If you check your status in PROWL and you see MR, you should take action to address the missing requirements. Review your audit and look for the unmet requirements. Understand what they mean and contact your associate dean's office for help. Need to drop a minor or second major that is unmet? Submit a change of program form through the OTR portal.

The Office of the Registrar cannot offer academic advice or recommend your next actions other than to speak with your Associate Dean's Office.

If your degree was canceled (CN), you should review your degree audit and consult with your advisor or associate dean's office, or graduate program director. 

If your degree was canceled, you must submit another application for degree in the term in which you will finish all degree requirements.


A diploma will be ordered within 10 business days of the degree posting. A student should expect to receive the diploma (sent to the diploma mailing address) in approximately three weeks. Diplomas sent to an international address may be delayed in international delivery for which LMU assumes no liability.