International Students/Purposes

Students requiring documentation for a non-USA government or agency may have a particular need to include data which might be beyond what a domestic enrollment verification offers.

Consulates and cultural missions may have specific forms and ask the University to use them when reporting on student data. The student is encouraged to attach the form(s) to the submission form; however, the University provides data in a standard format which meets the needs of the governments of our international students. 

Enrollment and Degree Verification forms contain the following information:

  • Name, Stu ID, Entry Term, Verification Term and Enrollment Status (including number of units), Degree Sought, Major(s), Concentration, Minor(s), Required or Elective Online Course Audit, Transfer Hours Applied to Degree, Total Units Required for Degree (including Earned to Date and Remaining for the Degree), Degree Term Awarded Date.

Detailed Schedule of Classes with students' printed names:

  • Students may print a detailed schedule of enrolled courses with their printed names in PROWL > Student > Registration > View Registration Information
  • The Detailed Schedule of Classes in the PROWL menu does NOT include students' names.
  • Students submit the Schedule of Classes separately from the LMU Verification form.

Transcripts cannot accompany this form. Students wishing to send transcripts must request them separatelyOrder Transcripts