Principles of Excellence

As a voluntary participant in the Principles of Excellence Program, LMU commits itself to:

  • Give you a personal summary of the total cost of your educational program, including:
    • The costs covered by your benefits.
    • The financial aid you may qualify for.
    • Your expected student-loan debt after you graduate.
    • Other information to help you compare aid packages offered by different schools.

  • Give you an educational plan with a timeline showing how and when you can fulfill everything required for you to graduate.

  • Assign you a point of contact who will give you ongoing academic and financial advice (including access to disability counseling).
    • For VA certification and academic concerns, contact Jeffrey Seeger, the VA School Certifying Officer in the Office of the Registrar, at
    • For financial aid and scholarship information, contact Raven Adams in the financial aid office at
    • For payment of benefits to your student account, contact Melissa Villasenor in the student accounts office at
    • For disability support services, contact
  • Allow for you to be gone for both long and short periods of time due to service obligations (service you must fulfill) for active-duty service members and Reservists.

  • Make sure all new programs are accredited (officially approved) before enrolling students.

  • Make sure the refund policies follow Title IV rules, which guide federal student financial aid programs.

  • End fraudulent (deceitful) and aggressive methods of recruiting.